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Flat Bed Towing

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Flat Bed Towing Service in Four Corners, FL

When you are looking for a motor vehicle towing service, it is necessary to find an option that causes minimal or no damage to your vehicle to avoid paying for additional repairs. Four Corners Premier Towing Service offers safe methods such as flatbed towing to ensure a damage free vehicle transport.


Preparing for future car malfunctions or accidents is a vital tip that all car owners should be ready for. In some situations towing your broken down vehicle may be the only option. Four Corners Towing has long been the go to provider in Four Corners and surrounding areas, for flatbed towing to ensure a safe tow with zero damage done to the vehicle. Our experienced staff can 100% guarantee a seamless damage free service.


Four Corners Towing prides itself on keeping up to date towing equipment at our facility to ensure smooth and safe towing. Our updated trucks allow us to load and strap vehicles gently onto our flat beds to prevent uneven tire wear. Speed and efficiency is our main focus since we offer 24/7 flatbed towing. We ensure a rapid response time after your call and we are equipped and ready to head to your locations as soon as we have the details. Contact us today for a super reliable, fast, and efficient flatbed towing service.

24/7 Service

Damage Free Delivery

Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 a day! We are here for you 365 days of the year and that includes all holidays. No time is inconvenient for us, night or day we will head your way!

The safety of your vehicle is one of our top priorities. We follow the towing industries best practices to confidently ensure secure towing and transportation of your vehicle to a set location.

Fast Response Times

From the minute you call our staff is ready and prepared to head to your location as soon as we receive the details!

If you have any questions about our Flatbed Towing Service in Four Corners or nearby, please call:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Tub to Shower Conversions

What is a flatbed towing service, and when is it the best option?

A flatbed towing service uses a specialized truck that has a long flat trailer with an inclined bed to transport or move vehicles. Flatbed towing is ideal for damaged, all wheel drive, luxury, or low clear vehicles.

Is flatbed towing safe for my vehicle, and will it prevent any further damage during transportation?


Flatbed towing is one of the safest forms of towing and it prevents any additional wear or damage to your vehicle. All of your vehicle's tires are elevated when being towed compared to the traditional towing with two wheels on the road.

How do I know if my vehicle requires a flatbed towing service?

If you have any of the following vehicles then flatbed towing may be required for your vehicle's safety: all wheel drive cars, valuable cars, classic cars, cars with low clearance. Make sure to specify with the towing dispatcher your vehicle specifics so they can send out the best form of transport to you.

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